Where can you find money for artists to study after college?
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My daughter is interested in possibly studying art in Italy for 3 years. Her other choice is an graduate program at an art institute in NYC. It looks like both programs are quite expensive with limited financial aid. What are the best resources for fellowship funds or grants for artists after college?
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Seriously, the category you're looking for doesn't really exist unless she's a member of a minority group.
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They are pretty rare, but you could check out NYFA Source, a database of funding/resources for artists. It's maintained by the New York Foundation for the Arts, but it's a national database.

She could also look at programs like the Fulbright US Student program or the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship - those are just one year, but are generalist programs to fund time abroad.
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She could maybe swing a Fulbright for a year in Italy.
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Very unlikely Fulbright will cover this. Fulbrights to Western Europe are exceedingly competitive and generally have an academic focus.
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She could look into some of the other great universities/schools that offer assistantships to help fund a MFA program. Some universities use maters students to teach undergrad classes which comes with a paycheck and a tuition waiver. Some universities have competitive TA position, some kind of "promise" students will have a position for the duration of the program so research is good.

But, other than that, there really isn't money available to fund people in studio art, especially emerging/early career artists. Perhaps look at residencies as well. Sometimes they offer a (small) stipend but can be good resume builders.

Fulbrights are extremely competitive in Europe but worth a try. The worst thing that happens is she gets the experience of doing an extensive application and the experience of rejection. She might expand her area of interest to include less "popular" locales.
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Does Italy have any funding options? You could ask the places themselves for ideas.
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