Dark Beatles Covers
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Help me find interesting, dark Beatles covers.

I'm looking for good Beatles covers done in goth style (I'm thinking VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk here). I'd be happy with any that are somewhat dark in nature, though.

Bonus points for Norwegian Wood.
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Johnny Cash, as he often does, puts a worn cast on In My Life, and it makes you think of the end of his life.
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My definition of goth differs from yours, but Siouxsie and the Banshees covered Helter Skelter and Dear Prudence.
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Laibach's 'Let it be' album.
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Best answer: Maybe you'd like this mashup. NSFW
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Not quite goth, but the Pixies' cover of Wild Honey Pie is on their BBC sessions album.
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There's a Nick Cave cover of "Let It Be" on the "I Am Sam" soundtrack.
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Best answer: Not strictly a cover: The Residents, Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life.
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Spooky Tooth did a pretty dark rendition of I Am the Walrus back in 1970.
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Best answer: Not quite goth, not quite The Beatles, A Perfect Circle cover Imagine.
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They are not goth, but Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush's cover of Norwegian Wood has a definite haunting quality to it.
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Sonic Youth - Within You Without You

Cornershop - Norwegian Wood --doesn't really fit your criteria, but you might like it anyway
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You may like The Breeders' cover of Happiness is a Warm Gun.
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Best answer: Check out Beatallica. They combine Beatles and Metallica songs.

Also, Soundgarden did a cover of Come Together.
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Not quite goth but dark is Breeders' "Happiness is a Warm Gun." Seconding Laibach's Let It Be.
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The Carpenters cover of "Ticket To Ride" makes that song more dark to me. She really is going to be sad.
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I have to throw in Replicants' cover of Wings' Silly Love Songs as an honorable mention.
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Not quite goth or a cover, but the Twilight Singers quote the Beatles in their song "Forty Dollars." It happens at 2:33.
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Best answer: The Cowboy Junkies' cover of Run for Your Life on Razor and Tie's Rubber Soul tribute is definitely dark, not quite goth, but creepy.
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Best answer: Godhead - Eleanor Rigby.
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Best answer: I've always liked this Norwegian Wood by the Fiery Furnaces. It's kinda creeeepy.
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Check out Eric McFadden Trio's cover of "Dear Prudence"
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Response by poster: Wow. This is a fabulous set of songs. Lots of "not quite what you said" but each and every one of those is exactly what I was thinking of, anyhow. Nick Cave, Johnny Cash--- are you people living in my head? The mashups are lots of fun too! Thanks, hivemind!
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