Attention Fox News: don't fuck with Canada
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I'm having trouble tracking down Troy Hurtubise's "Don't fuck with Canada" YouTube response to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld's inflammatory commentary about the Canadian military on Red Eye. I'm sure the numerous violent threats that pepper the video might have something to do with why I can't find it anywhere, but I've never had this much trouble tracking down something that got a fair bit of press when it first aired... Can you help me out, hivemind?
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looks like he (Troy) removed it from Youtube. I think the title was

"Apologize FOX... or Else!"
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You won't find it, I think. Videos don't generally get cached by Google, and given that local copies never get saved by the sites that embed them, it's probably lost at this point. It's not hard to find out the real title of the video – for reference, it's not called "Don't fuck with Canada," it's called "Apologize FOX... or Else!" And honestly it doesn't appear to have gotten much actual press – it's the focus of a number of angry Facebook groups, and it's embedded in some blogs, but none of those places have the video any more because it's been removed by the user, according to Youtube.

Maybe I've got the wrong video, but it sounds like this is the one you're looking for - it's nine minutes and sixteen seconds long, apparently full of ranting, right? Since Troy's the one who took it down, and since it was never hosted anywhere else, it'll be pretty hard to find at this point, I think. I'm sure you've seen the few responses to the vid on Youtube, but they seem kinda slim – I don't know.
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