Songs for slide guitar
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Please recommend good songs for slide guitar + singing.

I've been playing a lot of electric- and acoustic- slide guitar lately, mostly just vamping or trying to sound not-entirely-unlike-Ry-Cooder.
I would really like to learn some actual songs I could sing as I play, probably on the acoustic.
Please recomend easy to sing slide-guitar songs that a low-intermediate player can play along to. FWIW, my singing voice can almost pull off u2's "running to stand still" and alice in chain's "nutshell".
I am not averse to odd tunings, I use DADGAD and Open D and G a lot.
Not looking for stadium rockers, more folk- or rootsy- feeling songs for the acoustic.
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Dust My Broom – Elmore James
Rollin' and Tumblin' – Traditional
Amazing Grace – Traditional
Come in My Kitchen – Robert Johson
Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground – Blind Willie Johnson
You Got To Move – Mississippi Fred McDowell
Mean Town Blues – Johnny Winter
Shake Your Moneymaker – Elmore James
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Anything by Kelly Joe Phelps. Some tabs.
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Statesboro Blues - Allman Brothers Band or the version which inspired them by Taj Mahal
Happy by the Rolling Stones can be very easily adapted to be played by one guy with a slide (open g tuning capoed at the 4th fret)
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Can't Be Satisfied is good, and not too hard to play.

I also like some songs by a guy who goes by the name h0ll0wbelly on YouTube (example: Jolene).

Keni Lee Burgess has a YouTube channel with slide demos and lessons (both cigar box and six-string) - you could probably steal some song ideas from him.
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Robert Johnson everything.
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Not quite sure if this is what you're after (acoustic, lots of slide, but a bit more blues/southern rock), but it's an amazing song: Derrek Trucks and Warren Haynes - Old Friend (It really starts to kick in just before 2:00.)
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"The Whole Night Sky" by Bruce Cockburn is beautiful (I believe Bonnie Raitt plays the solo).
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