HELP! Need flowers to save my mom's mother's day
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I need Instant mothers day flowers (delivery) that are reliable, nice and that I can pass off as my brother's. Please help.

It's mothers day and my mom is distraught because, as per normal, neither of my brothers sent her anything, not even cards. She is upset and confiding in me and it breaks my heart. I told her to wait, that mother's day is tomorrow and maybe they'll pull through.

I already called my one brother and told him I'm taking matters into my own hands and ordering some instant flowers with his name on it and he better god damn call and ask if she got them (the other brother seems to have something planed and at least sent an Email already). Problem is, I don't know where I can reliably get nice delivery flowers this late in the game so I don't have to forge his handwriting (he writes much nicer than I do).

Please help. Price is no object. BTW, I am near Raleigh NC if it matters.

PS - Flowers are not mandatory, it could be candies or something else delivered, nothing fancy, but that I could pass off as his gift. Bonus points if they can deliver to a location where we are all having a family lunch (minus him and my other brother who live outside the area). But at this point, as long as they are delivered before EOB tomorrow or I have to pick them up and pretend they were delivered I don't care.
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Response by poster: I should clarify, my unsureness is because I have never ordered flowers over the internet in my life (or even really ordered flowers period that matter). Its looking like there are some same day delivery on the nets and if I don't find anything better I'll go with one of those, but open to suggestions or advice on pitfalls to avoid.
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Response by poster: OH CRAP, never mind - Mother's day is a national holiday and florists are closed. This is worse than I thought!!!!
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If it were me, I'd go to the local florist first thing and pick them up. Alot of florists are open on Sundays, you could just Google for whichever ones are closest to the restaurant. I'd get the clerk to write out the card (claiming to have bad handwriting or somesuch) then I'd run them over to the restaurant and slip the hostess $20 to hold the flowers until we got there for lunch.

Just make sure that your brother is in on it - act like you mentioned where you would be having lunch or something like that.
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Mother's Day is not a national holiday. There will be a florist open, it's the biggest day of the year for them.

Hell, if it comes to that, go to the local grocery store and buy an arrangement there.
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What about Edible Arrangements -those fruit flowers? I stopped in to pick up an order for my mom today and they were still taking orders.
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I don't have a solution to your problem, but Mother's Day isn't a national holiday, at least not that kind, and anyway lots of stores are open on Independence day, Memorial Day, et c. So that won't cause a problem. It is on a Sunday, and it is a very busy day for florist, however and that might cause trouble, but don't give up.
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Seconding Edible Arrangements- I ordered some at the last minute last year and they arrived on time because it will be delivered by a local franchise. It's particularly good for a group lunch because everyone can have some. Every time I've ordered from them they have been reliable, pretty to look at, and tasty.
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Best answer: A Ming Rose Florist appears to be open tomorrow.
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Best answer: I can't help you with the late order part - I've ordered online through FTD and it's all been pretty straightforward, but I've never done it last-minute, although I would guess that at least the funereal part of their business would be pretty on demand.

For local shops, I love The Flower Cupboard in Cary, but I don't think they're open on Sundays.

My Dad just picked up some really nice flowers at Harris Teeter this afternoon for my Mom. Most HTs are 24hr, you could check them out. They sell arrangements and plain flowers you can arrange yourself (assuming you don't live with your parents). Then cabingirl's suggestion to drop them with the hostess at the restaurant is a good one.

If all else fails, I'm in the area and free after about 11am tomorrow. I'd be happy to play delivery girl.
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St. Alia is a florist about 50 miles from you. I've mefi-mailed her. Hopefully she can give you some direction.
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You can buy flowers at nearly every grocery store.
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1800Flowers has same day delivery. As long as you have the order placed by noon, they will get delivered the same day. Also, at checkout there is an option to add a personalized note which you could put your brother's name on so there's no need for forging handwriting.
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Don't do it online. It just adds another layer, where screwups can occur. All FTD or 1800Flowers are going to do is contact a florist in your mom's neighborhood. So if you have access, go there yourself, early tomorrow morning. Pick something out, have them write the card, and have them deliver. The florists will be open tomorrow. It's one of their best days of the year.
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Also, if you're checking online to see which local florists are open, disregard any mention that they're closed on Sundays. They may usually be closed on Sundays, but they won't be closed tomorrow.
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Just a warning if you decide to go the grocery store route: I worked in a supermarket florist on mother's day once years ago, and we were out of everything except a few pitiful looking carnations by noon.
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Well, WE are closed today!

All I can suggest is you call around and see if anyone is open. Chances are they have already cut off deliveries if they are this point they are probably out of flowers but might have blooming plants or candy available (Yes, florists have candy!)

Also, if you need to fool mom, be advised most florists hire temp drivers so if you have a willing friend have them deliver them....just print up a simple tag asking for a signature *wink*

Wire services won't take your orders right now. And they are just adding an extra layer anyway.

My best suggestion is see if you can get a delivery on Monday. Lots of folks who missed the deadline will be doing that. You can suggest to Mom that since your brother procrastinated, it is possible that he was one of those people.

It is entirely possible btw that your brother did try to get a delivery made, and was turned down. We quit taking delivery orders yesterday ourselves.
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1800Flowers has same day delivery. As long as you have the order placed by noon, they will get delivered the same day. Also, at checkout there is an option to add a personalized note which you could put your brother's name on so there's no need for forging handwriting.

1800Flowers is either going to send them in a box or just contact a local florist. But it's true that most florists will type out any card message.

And again, the wire services will only take your order for Monday and later now.
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If it's not too late, the best way to solve this that I can think of is as follows:

1) Find a florist or high-end grocery store open on a Sunday

2) Buy flowers

3) Deliver them to luncheon restaurant yourself

4) Ask female manager to write out gift card for you

5) Arrange for waitress to deliver them to your mum over lunch

That's what I would do, anyway.
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Just buy flowers from one of the gazillion florists that are open (you will pay usurious charges for them) and have a friend that your mom doesn't know "deliver" them. If she's sitting at a luncheon, she's not going to run out to make sure it's an FTD truck making the delivery. Be sure and let your brother know what you sent....and make sure he PAYS YOU BACK!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses!

So, I planned on just going to the first open florist I could find near me and figuring it out from there. I called a bunch of places (no answers, maybe they were swamped?) and drove to a few places that were closed. So, I used cabingirls suggestion since I was running out of time and it was the only place I knew would be open. Even though that florist is on the way other side of town (actually technically two towns over and then the other side of Raleigh... vagaries of the RTP and surrounding areas). But they. were. perfect!

I explained the situation to the lady, she helped me make it look like one of their internet deliveries with a "written note" print/pasted into one of their cards (this is a HUGE thing to my mom, getting a "written card"). Fresh arrangement made while I waited.

Shout out to clerestory who was ready to help out as fake delivery person (and that might have been necessary). However, fortunately, I was told to drive by myself to lunch due to car space limitations, so I was able to double back to mom's house and leave the flowers on the doorstep. Also, we changed restaurants at the last minute so it would have stretched credulity to have them delivered at the restaurant.

We just got back a few minutes ago, she was so happy. My damn brother didn't call like he was supposed to, but she called him and he at least played along. I'ma chew him out later, but for now mom is super happy, that's all I care about.

For all those sons and daughters living far away from home - At least call your mom today, they may not say anything if you don't, but It means so much to them when you do. No excuses.
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Please tell me the name of that florist. I'd like to make sure we use them when we have to wire flowers to that area!
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Oh, never mind, I see the link!

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