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Any recommendations for songs played in open guitar tunings?

I've been fiddling around recently in Dm and Em and playing things like skip james but would like to learn more songs in open tunings.

Any and all recommendations welcome but I'm mainly after blues, especially slide pieces, and folk as i usually play acoustic. Any other tunings that you use would also be appreciated.
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Sonic Youth uses a lot of open tunings. "Schizophrenia" is an oldie of there's that's in a strange open tuning, for example.
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Friends off Led Zeppelin III is in open C6 (C A C G C E) and is a lot of fun to play. It's acoustic, one of their folkier numbers, with a sort of sinister vibe. Can't vouch for the accuracy of that tab, but it'd give you a place to start.

Here it is on YouTube.
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Like this? I imagine one could play it pretty well on a 6-string instead of the cigar box.
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This is my favorite slide piece right now. It's in open G.
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Speaking of Zeppelin, "That's the Way" uses an open tuning, if I remember correctly.
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Jimmy Page used DADGAD tuning a few times as well. Michael Hedges used them...well, just about exclusively.
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On the folk side: Richard Thompson, Nick Drake.
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An open G tuning DGDGBD will get you a number of Rolling Stone tracks, including, "Start Me Up", "Brown Sugar", "Honky Tonk Women", "Happy"(capoed at the 4th fret), "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
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She talks to Angels - Black Crowes
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Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan is played in open-D tuning. (capoed at the second fret so it sounds in E)
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Basically everything by Richie Havens.
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The Tallest Man on Earth is a Swede with a great voice who writes beautiful songs (in English), often with open tunings. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Here are some videos of him playing on a snowy Swedish hillside as the sun sets.

Honey Won't You Let Me In
The Gardener
Where Do My Blue Bird Fly
Into the Stream
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DoubleDrop D (DADGBD) gets you staged for some Neil Young tunes. Cinnamon Girl being a popular one, and Ohio.
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There are versions of (I think) all the songs from Dylan's Blood on the Tracks that are recorded in open tuning. This page will get you started.
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Roy Harper. Brilliant.
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House Carpenter as arranged by Buffy Sainte-Marie?
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Thanks for all the good suggestions this should give me plenty to work on
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