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It's wardrobe revamp time for me and the gang! Recommend me some resources for choosing clothes to suit body shape. We are mostly lady-type people, but advice aimed at men is also welcome.

Books, websites and blogs preferred (i.e. rather than TV shows, unless they're readily available on DVD). Bonus points for minimal or no self-hatred.
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Best answer: I highly recommend the blog Youlookfab and the associated forum. Friendly, fashion-forward advice with a lot of effort to include all body types.
I've also heard good things about
Already Pretty is my favorite of the style blogs, with lots of body-positive talk and good advice.
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Best answer: You need The Pocket Stylist. The editorial review on Amazon calls the body typing somewhat confusing, but with illustrations of all of them next to each other, I had no trouble figuring out which one applies to me. The thing I like about this book is the level of detail it goes into while giving advice. The author doesn't just tell you one or two things to look for to flatter your shape, it covers almost all wardrobe items and explains what factors are important for each of them and why, and how they work together. I have a million little bookmarks in my copy, and I refer to it before flexing my shopping muscles, since I'm not a regular shopper.
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Best answer: Personally, I like Already Pretty and Academichic. If any of you are plus-size, you would do well to check out Shapely Prose, or Fatshionistas on Livejournal.
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