Women's fashion blogs and shops that focus on quality and craftsmanship?
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Help me find women's fashion blogs and shops that emulate a certain quality I enjoy in men's fashion and accessories, namely the emphasis on craftsmanship and timeless style.

I love men's style blogs like The Compass, Mr Porter, A Continuous Lean, Well Spent and Valet. At the newsagent, I leaf through GQ's style section because I love the aesthetics so much more than, say, Vogue. There's a focus on quality, durability, detail and craftsmanship that I just don't see in women's fashion. Good luck finding women's shoes that are meant to last more than two years, and can be re-soled indefinitely. Even higher end women's clothing just doesn't seem to be built as well as higher end men's clothing. My style is quite feminine, so simply wearing men's clothing doesn't appeal to me.

So. Help me find the blogs, magazines and shops that showcase durable, well-made, stylish and beautiful items. I really like The Vivienne Files, which somewhat embraces this. Where are the others?

(I live in Australia, so anything that focuses on southern hemisphere seasons and/or ships here would be lovely.)
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You might like Tomboy Style, although you might have a to dig a bit for the kinds of entries you're interested in.
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I'm a huge fan of Tomboy Style.
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Maybe this one? Aesthetic Alterations
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There's probably a lot on Quite Continental that would appeal to you (I promise it's not all Ford Broncos.)
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Monocle magazine. Widely available everywhere. Not primarily about fashion, but what they do have is all about craftsmanship.
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Best answer: I posted these blogs as an answer to a different recent Ask Metafilter question, but they're actually more relevant to your question. I like blogs that look at fashion a bit more critically, and particularly blogs that aim for a small, well-curated wardrobe rather than ones that try to obsessively follow the latest trends. Some of my favorites in that vein are:
Dead Fleurette (I found a lot of these blogs and others from Dead Fleurette's blogroll, and then looking at those blogs' blogrolls etc.)
les anti-modernes
empty emptor (great discussions about quality clothing)
out of the bag
Un Petit Bijou
Assembled Hazardly
Of Stranger Sensibilities
I also love The Vivienne Files!
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In terms of shops, you might like Margaret Howell's clothes - she ticks all the boxes in terms of quality of materials, craftsmanship, &c., and her womenswear is in keeping with the stuff for men on the blogs/sites you mention, aesthetically speaking.

I still wear (mens) shirts and jumpers I bought there over fifteen years ago, so she scores on the durability front too.
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Privlledge, although she's not always about fashion, but she's not shopping at Target, either.
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Response by poster: Yes! These are all excellent! Thank you!

The number of favourites tells me I'm not the only one looking for this kind of women's fashion. Keep 'em coming!
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You'd probably love The Genteel, which focuses on fashion and the business and culture of fashion.
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Best answer: A mixed list of including brands and wearers. I'm always watching for this kind of style (which I love too, and have a curated closet my kids and friends are always raiding ...) and I take note of labels and then scour eBay for similiar looks, or very good/excellent condition used versions.

The Man Repeller
The Sartorialist's archives
Tilda Swinton
Chloe Sevigny
Ellen Degeneres
Diane Keaton
The Olsens (one, both, I dunno)
Vintage Armani
Ann Demeulemeester
Dries Van Noten
Steven Alan
Paul Smith
Paul and Joe
Helmut Lang
Jil Sander
Brooks Brothers Women
Paul Stuart Women
Elizabeth and James
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