Help me rage in Charlotte!
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Driving to Charlotte from Philadelphia this weekend, looking for things to do en route, and while in Charlotte.

I'll be driving to Charlotte from Philly from Friday to Sun with a few friends. We're all in our mid-twenties looking to rage. Can you recommend some bars, breweries, and restaurants that we should be sure to check out? Thanks!
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There's some kind of trend here with AskMeFi and Mid-Atlantic travel: Philadelphia to Old Fort, NC, Atlanta to Maryland, Honey moon on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sorry those are non-raging answers. :-)
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Coming to Charlotte to rage is like going to... I don't know... someplace not very ragey.

Can you be more specific about your tastes/sensibility - redneck, ironic redneck, ironic hipster, slumming yuppie, none of the above?

Also, where are you staying? Charlotte's kind of spread out and you might want to confine your raging geographically.

(I think I may be too old to answer your question, but this might help the others.)
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have been more descriptive of our sensibilities. Of your options, I'd say slumming yuppie's a close bet. Age aside, whaddya suggest?
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Best answer: Here are three basic locations for bar-hopping, all with decent food in the vicinity:

- Uptown. Several different bars at the Epicentre, including Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Whisky River (staggeringly tacky!!) and lots of other bars/restaurants on College & Tryon Streets, roughly between Trade & 7th. Something for every taste in that vicinity.

- Plaza Midwood, specifically Thomas Street, home of the Penguin and Thomas St. Tavern.

- Montford Drive, featuring Moosehead Grille, Angry Ale's and a few new creative restaurants I haven't had time/energy to get to yet.

Maybe others can weigh in at this point... my active participation in the bar scene is well past, but I do try to pay attention to where the cool kids are going these days.
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