Help me brainstorm names for my brother and his wife's new real estate team!
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Help me brainstorm names for my brother and his wife's new real estate team!

My brother and his wife, after years of working shitty jobs, have finally buckled down and gone to school to become real estate agents and he's a mortgage broker right now, and is going to be a realtor in a month, and shes already a realtor, and I'm very proud of them and when they asked me to suggest ideas for their newborn real estate company, all I could think of was Homeworld Realty, because I am a sci-fi fan. Please help me brainstorm charming and innovative names for a real estate team! They are personable and warm people who want to deal with first-time buyers, because they were first time buyers once, and were terribly intimidated. And they also want to help people through the first time selling process too. They basically want to keep people safe from the unscrupulous people, because they've sadly, experienced dealing with those people first-hand. Okay, that's all! Anything anyone can suggest would be much appreciated.
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Sci-fi reference: Discworld Realty

Also, please tell them not to put their pictures on the for sale signs they use. There's a local realty company here called something like, "Jeff and Jim Realty" and the for sale signs they use have pictures of them on the signage. (The sign features the picture of them and their number....nothing else.) And every single time I drive by one of those signs I think, "What a bunch of doucebags." Selling homes should not be about the realtor(s). I would never buy a house from Jeff and Jim because NOTHING about their signs leads me to feeling confident about them selling anything other than themselves.

Make sure they also use facebook/twitter WISELY. (For instance, have a personal account for personal stuff AND a business account for business.) I have hidden a couple friends that are realtors because they don't use their supposed personal account for personal stuff - it's always listings.
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Property Virgins! oh wait... that's taken.

First Step Realty?
First Timers?
(Their last name) Realtors?

It would help the creative juices flow if we knew things like region of the country, demographics, etc.
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Response by poster: Fluffy Battle Kitten - they completely agree about the picture thing! That it's not about the realtor.
Matty - They are specializing in the Toronto, Canada area, and the 20 to 40 crowd. Thanks for your suggestions!
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How about Keepin' It Realty?
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Homeward Bound
Home to Roost
Hearth and Home
Home Truths
Comfort and Joy
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There's No Place Like Home
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Keepin' It Realty
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Reality Realty
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Partners in Trust Realty (double meaning--they themselves are partners, and they will be their clients' partners)

Safe Haven Realty

No Fear Realty

First and Last Realty

Alpha Realty

Your Navigators Realty
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SurReal Estate
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