Fun things to do in the Charlotte Douglas Airport (or nearby)?
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Fun things to do in the Charlotte Douglas Airport (or nearby)?

I've been in airports that had small concessions to small children, tiny little slides and the like (not expecting the video game rooms of the Tokyo airport). What is in the Charlotte, NC airport to entertain 2 toddlers for a 3-1/2 hour layover? Alternately, what can we easily visit outside the airport, keeping in mind time to get back through security. Two easily bored children thank you in advance!
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I don't know how old your children are but years ago when I flew alone with my three toddlers I had a four hour layover there. I rented a luggage rack for a dollar, put them on it, and pushed them around-they loved it and I didn't have to freak out about losing one in the crowds.

I was tired as all heck later, but , hey, motherhood is sacrifice, right?
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Charlotte resident here - you are best off staying inside the airport. We have an good interactive kids' science museum (Discovery Place) but downtown ("Uptown") is about 20 minutes from the airport, so you'd be a bit rushed, I think.

Unfortunately, no kid-specific activities inside the airport, although there is (wa?s, I haven't been there for a while) a good candy shop that ought to kill a bit of time.

Our airport is known for the folksy rocking chairs in the main concourse; they're charming, but don't hold much appeal for the under-five set. The airport websitehas a bit of info.

Sorry to not have more promising news...
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Response by poster: Hmm, thanks for the tips. Given that we won't have a stroller (last layover's entertainment), a luggage rack and a candy store trip are sounding good!
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