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MusicFilter: I really like the track "Happy" by Max Sedgely, and "You can't go home again" by DJ Shadow but I don't really know this genre of music too well. What other artists/tracks can you recommend that are in this style? It's a sort of deep funk house type thing.
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Not too sure about the specifics of the Shadow track, but RJD2 and Shadow are pretty similar.

Here's a good site to explore, if you're looking for those torrent dealies..
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I can't speak about Max Sedgely, but if you like "You Can't Go Home Again," I'd recommend checking out DJ Shadow's two full albums, I like the first one, "Endtroducing" better myself but the second might be more up your alley, it's a faster beat.

Additionally, I'd suggest checking these out:

Dim Dim
Four Tet
Global Goon
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Check out the record label Ninja Tune.
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Check out a polish guy called 'noon'. i'm afraid I don't have any other information about him, but he's very good.
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