Cheap Hosting Needed
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I need to find some basic, very cheap, web hosting for an informational site about a special event.

I'm currently paying $12/year for hosting through this company but they've changed the way they handle email forwards and the service I've gotten from them recently is just about worth the $1 per month I've been paying.

This site gets a ton of traffic from March through July, then almost none the rest of the year. Aside from hosting space, the only other really important thing need is many (at least 25) email forwards (multiple email addresses with webmail would be better) and website statistics. I'm looking at cheap hosting from Godaddy, but if anyone has cheaper suggestions that would be great!
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Sign up for Dreamhost's Level 1 Plan (normally $120/year). When asked for a promotional code, enter 777. You'll be charged $9.24 for the year. You'll get 2.4GB space, 120GB bandwidth/month + lot of other perks. Hopefully, the deal is still on.
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That deal is a good one if it's still on. Globat is also worth a look as their plan has strong quotas, they are a large reputable player, and the plan is only $4.95 per month for the first year. As far as I recall GoDaddy's hosting is actually not bad either.
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doteasy offers free hosting with no banner ads - i've been using for years and have never had a problem.
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err, using it for years.
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Best answer: 1&1 aka are pretty good value starting at $2.99 / month for hosting -- they have specials a lot, today looks like a six months free trial. I've used them for a year or so for several sites and found their support actually exists when you need it.
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I'll second the Dreamhost '777' coupon deal. I signed up with it and have referred a heap of people as well. I believe it's still going.
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stavros, do you earn good money from the referrals? If so, anastasiav, if you do decide on Dreamhost and don't mind, put 'gyan' as the referrer.
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Dreamhost good, stay far away from 1and1.
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Thanks for the tip Gyan. I just set up an account and used you as the referrer.
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stavros, do you earn good money from the referrals?

Because I recently told everyone (at my blog) the superdupercheapo code to use (and used it myself), I've earned about $25 from 25 signups (10% from each person = $0.94) so far. They are recurring, though, so if folks like the service (which rocks, in my opinion), and if most of them sign up next year at DH's full price (which is still better than I paid at Hosting Matters last year for a less feature-rich service), I should hopefully make enough to pay for another year for myself too. Which makes me happy, 'cause I'm poor, and I won't have to beg for paypal tipjar donations again (like I did last year). Win-win all 'round, I hope.
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" is a noncommercial web hosting project providing free space to nonprofits, community organizers, and others working to help the world, regardless of politics."

So, I don't mind paying $3 per month for my little site.
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Didn't know about that deal... but dreamhost is rad. They really do a good job of keeping people informed of what's up...
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