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I live in NYC, but I am getting married in Pennsylvania, about 2 hrs away. I wanted to organize an online ride sharing solution for my friends travelling from the city. Is there an online service that would make this easy to do?

I have probably 30 friends making their way from New York to our wedding. I wanted to utilize some kind of online resource to help them coordinate with one another to do some ride sharing, since most of them will have to rent cars. Is there some kind of service that would be able to help with this?
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I would create a wiki at wikispaces or somesuch where anyone who's planning on going can fill out where they will leave from and how many they have room for and their contact information. People who need a ride could also post.

Alternatively you could create a Google Doc spreadsheet with the same info if people are more familiar with this format.
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I am doing the same thing on behalf of a friend later this summer (wedding in Catskills, exodus from NYC) and was pretty much just planning on using Excel/Google Docs. But I am very eager to hear if there is a better solution.

And I guess I should add, you may want to outsource this task to a friend of yours so that you don't have to worry about last minute mishugas.
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Mr. 26.2 just coordinated airport rideshares and hotel room shares for a gaming convention. He used Google Wave.
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Instead of making all your friends rent cars, could you rent a bus? (This also means that they can drink without worrying about the drive.)
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You could create a private PickupPal ride-sharing group.
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If it's not too late, I will whole heartedly second madcaptenor's suggestion. It would be a lot easier to rent a bus. A 30person bus roundtrip would cost close to $20-30 per head. We are doing this for our wedding, but we're picking up the tab. No need to do that, but I bet people would enjoy it.
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