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Martial arts or dance classes in downtown Toronto? I'm more interested in quality/atmosphere than any specific activity.

I've been doing yoga for a while now and I'd like to try something new this summer - martial art, dance classes, whatever, located in downtown Toronto. Basically, I'd like to do something challenging and fun, with good quality instructors and a good class atmosphere. I'm a mid-twenties female, in relatively good shape, not particularly (ok, at all) extroverted. I don't mind being the only "girl" in the class but I'm also really not into anything competitive (anything with "macho" vibes is out).

-I'm looking for something I can do solo (I've tried dance classes in the past, but those requiring partners are no good because I won't be able to practice well and develop on my own; I'd be really into beginner-oriented dance classes though)
-A flexible schedule, i.e. with drop-in classes, is good, but not absolutely necessary
-Relatively low-cost, ideally little to no equipment needed (student budget)
-Basically I'm looking for a skill that I can develop in a low-key atmosphere
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Canada's National Ballet School offers adult classes.

I cannot speak to their atmosphere.

You can find out more here:


I often see other types of classes going on in the studios, including fencing and other types of dance.
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You sound like the perfect fit for Capoeira. Check out Capoeira Camara, I used to train with them and Contra Mestre Bola is one of the best teachers in the city.
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I'm taking a hooping course with Hoop Toronto and it's really lovely — lots of fun, relaxing, a good workout, and you could incorporate any previous dance training into it very easily.
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