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What are the most enthralling, addicting 360 games (aside from Fallout 3 or Modern Warfare 2)?

I need a super-addicting videogame for the X-Box 360, other than the two mentioned above. Please list your favourites, and tell me why.

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If you like open world sandbox type games, check out GTA IV, Saints Row 2, and Just Cause 2. I found the story of GTA IV to be gripping enough for me to press on until the end and the world is fairly gritty/realistic.

Saints Row 2 is like GTA IV with a solid dose of crazy applied to it. Not nearly as polished but it makes up for it with the insane side-missions that are way more entertaining than anything in GTA IV.

Just Cause 2 is essentially an action movie simulator. I'm sure there's a story somewhere but the point of the game is to hang glide into a military base, blow everything up, and get out of there as fast as possible.

I've spent around 40-50 hours with both GTA IV and Saints Row 2. I just picked up Just Cause 2 but I've already invested around 10 hours.
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My favorite game for the Xbox 360 is Bioshock. Great story, great environment, tense gameplay.
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Portal, for sure. It's the only game in years that I've played through more than once.

Of course, the whole Orange Box is great. A+++ would buy again.

Also, Dead Rising is fun--just run around killing thousands of zombies. I can't say it's enthralling, per se, but it is a fun sandbox. The sequel should be better.

All of these can be picked up for a song on eBay or Amazon used.
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Just started playing Dead Rising. I got it for $10 or so. Just Cause 2 is supposed to be great; I played the demo quite a bit and got pretty tired of it. The lack of a story is ensuring that I probably won't pick it up until it's in the $15 range or so. GTA IV (especially with Episodes from Liberty City addons) is extremely addicting, and Red Dead Redemption (AKA GTA in the Wild West) is coming out in two weeks.
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Borderlands - There is something very, very addictive about running around trying to collect the best loot you can. Not a whole lot of story, but there is tons of humor, guns, and carnage.
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EDF 2017. I've clocked 100+ hours already and it's probably my favourite 360 game so far - but read those Eurogamer articles I've linked as it may not be your cup of tea.
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Arkham Asylum- The story was good, the voice acting was excellent, and the game play was fantastic.

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 - once again a great storyline

Assassin's Creed 2 - Great story, fun game play, and a great sandbox game.
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Bioshock and Dead Rising definitely rate high up there for me. Let me also suggest Crackdown. You should be able to pick it up dirt cheap right now. Its a sandbox GTA4 style game, but with a super hero type character. Lacking on the story & plot, but plenty fun to grab a rocket launcher, jump to the top of the nearest building and have at it.
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Do you have a Gold account? Do you regularly play online multiplayer?
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Most "addictive" for me was probably Fable 2. It's an easy game, but good looking, funny and a blast to play. Also should be really cheap now.
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Response by poster: box: Yes and yes.
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Mass Effect 2 had me hooked for almost 24 hours straight (which is how long it took for me to beat the game)
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Oblivion is an open-world RPG that I've probably sunk well over a hundred hours into. It's graphics are kinda dated (it was a debut title when the 360 was released), but if you like "go anywhere, do anything" games, it's hard to top. And it's by the folks who made Fallout 3.

Crackdown was an open-world game of gleeful mayhem that flew under the radar on release but has developed a following. You can probably find it in the cheapie bin, and the sequel will be out later this year.

Portal, as mentioned above, is part of The Orange Box, and though you can beat it in a couple of hours, it's highly replayable, very clever, and filled with "wow, that was fucking cool" moments.

GTA IV is smart and exceeedingly polished, and the add-ons (Lost & Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony) are great fun. I liked San Andreas better, but YMMV.

I'm drumming my fingers and waiting impatiently for Red Dead Redemption, an open-world Western by the GTA folks. Hunt bears! Hold up stagecoaches! Standoffs in dusty streets! I'll be lining up at midnight on release day for this one.
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I'm currently alternately addicted to Rock Band drumming and Battelfield: Bad Company 2.

Rock band has immediate gratification and a constant feeling of improvement, and Bad Company just has the best* multiplayer I've ever heard of.

*I know some people prefer Modern Warfare or Team fortress, but the mechanics are a perfect balance between a misguided attempt at realism and Halo-style shootin' folks.
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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is multiplayer video game crack. You get class-based teams on giant playing fields and Rush mode is adrenaline fueled chaos.
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Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. I like those better than "bleak world" games like GTA IV and Fallout 3.
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Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2.

6 different game modes, super challenging achievements, beautiful chaotic graphics, and intuitive gameplay.

My friends and I have had an ongoing battle for the top score spot on our friends list for years.
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Seconding Just Cause 2. It's a whole lot of fun.
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I love the Saints Row franchise... it's basically GTA, but with more freedom and a sense of humor.If you're not sure if you'll like it, you can pick up the first one for $10 or less used to get your feet wet, but Saints Row 2 has more options and is just completely awesome. It is by far my favorite game ever. The humor is pretty juvenile at times, but I take it more as a parody than anything too serious.

You can do so many crazy things in that game: streaking (complete with hilarious/goofy smirk on your face and nasty insults from pedestrians as you do it), hijacking boats, planes, helicopters and cars, base jumping off the tops of tall buildings for no apparent reason, driving through a mall Blues Brothers style... it's just good, stress-relieving fun. Unlike GTA IV, you can completely customize your character, first by picking the physical makeup, voice and even walk, then by finding the right stores and buying outfits, so you can run around doing these crazy things dressed as a pirate, cowboy, ninja, mime or any number of stupid/fun costumes.

I've played the GTA series, but end up quitting in either frustration or boredom. Something about GTA makes me feel locked in... stuck playing a main character I don't care about. The open world aspect and open character creation and customization makes Saints Row 2 so much more fun, especially if you have a buddy you can play co-op with online.
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Seconding Oblivion, it is my absolute favorite game ever and I seriously wonder if I'm going through withdrawal since I haven't had access to a 360 in so long.

Also love the Orange Box, Half Life 2 is my second favorite game and Portal was just awesome.
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Protype. Surprisingly fun open-world + super powers game.
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Trials HD. It's a Live Arcade game, so there's a demo. It's incredibly hard, but fair and fun. First you'll be up all night just trying to beat the Hard levels. Then it'll be the Extreme levels. Then you'll try to get a Gold on everything. And lastly, if you're completely insane, you'll go for the Marathon achievement, which is just plain ridiculous.
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I play very few games, but I make sure the games I do get can keep me entertained for weeks and/or allow multiple long play-throughs. My recent plays are Mass Effect (still holds up very well, even though it's now a couple of years old) and Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 3, Fable II and Oblivion. Didn't get into GTA4, although I did try.
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Just Cause 2 has been the most enjoyable game I have played in quite a while.

I would also recommend Bayonetta, but it is definitely a niche game, so I would read some reviews and watch some gameplay footage before taking the leap.

Shadow Complex is a pretty good XBLA game, think Super Metroid style gameplay with cool 3D graphics. I also enjoy Catan, the XBLA version of the board game.
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Response by poster: Thanks, homeslices. Lots of options here.
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I would also recommend Bayonetta, but it is definitely a niche game, so I would read some reviews and watch some gameplay footage before taking the leap.

Another vote for Bayonetta.
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If you haven't played Bioshock yet, get both of them and play them back-to-back. Two of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had.

But as for pure addictiveness, I find myself drawn back to a bunch of stuff on XBLA, specifically the board game ports (Catan, Carcassone, Lost Cities, Magic: The Gathering). But that's probably because I've been hooked on board games my whole life.
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When I saw two surprisingly glowing recommendations for Borderlands in one day I went and got it. Holy shit is it addicting. I played for ten hours yesterday. I haven't tried the online yet, but I was up til 2 playing split screen with my roommate.
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