What would be the gross salary offered in UK(Northern Ireland) for 7 year experienced person?
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I am having 7 years experience in Embedded S/W, DSP, Multimedia Codecs in India, after Masters(M.Tech); What is the approximate annual gross salary can one expect if he is in negotiations with a permanent employment in UK(NI)?
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The general answer to this question is to look for jobs matching your skillset on Monster, Jobserve, cwjobs, etc, and see what they pay.

If you have never worked in the UK before, your visa status and English language skills will definitely be under scrutiny, and might affect which jobs you get interviews and offers for. That said, they should not really make too much difference to the actual salary.

Also, salary varies a lot from place to place in the UK, especially in London - I have no experience of Northern Ireland.
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