Apartment Rental in Santa Fe for Summer?
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Need help finding an apartment to rent in Santa Fe for the summer...

Actually, I am looking for a friend, but she's busy studying for her law school finals...

A woman who rents an apartment above our garage has an internship in Santa Fe for the summer, but the place she thought she had lined up just fell through. She has checked Craigslist, but isn't sure of other online resources for that area. Can anyone recommend online resources to search for housing in the Santa Fe area?

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AskMe suggested this thread from 2007 on a very similar subject. I will pass it on to her, but there is no "best answer" there, so I am hoping this isn't considered a "double post". Thanks again.
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If your friend has no luck with the old thread, my sister is a Realtor in Santa Fe. She just started this March, and at this point, she is all about building good PR and getting her name out there. My sister might have some good leads, and I'd be happy to pass on her contact info via email (mine's in my profile). Good luck!
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Craigslist is probably your best bet for that. Santa Fe is fairly small, so she, or you, should check it often or set up an RSS feed.

If she is willing to commute, there is a train from Albuquerque. Housing in Albuquerque will be cheaper, and there will be more options. I'd suggest she try SF first though.
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Are you still looking for someone? I know a great realtor that deals in short term rentals in SF. Email me at:


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