Now that is shutting down, what are some good alternatives?
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Now that is shutting down, what are some good alternatives?

I just recently started using Lala, but I loved it. In particular, I loved the ability to listen to albums for free the first time through, and the ability to buy "web songs," for $.10 a pop. Is there a comparable service out there that'll let me do such things?
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Lifehacker had a post about the best streaming music services some days ago. I hope that is/was what has been doing.
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bandcamp currently seems to be the best place for listening for free & downloading at name-your-place, and a lot of well-knowns are getting on board, as well as lesser-knowns waiting to be discovered.

Given the specific overall format you're looking for, bc may not your cup o' chai, but check it out.
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erm.. that's "name-your-price."
and I make that recommendation from an artist's perspective, so certainly YMMV.
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Grooveshark is really cool. I especially like their TinySong service, great for quickly sharing songs on Twitter/Facebook/etc.
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New to this whole idea of uploading and then having the music available through browser -- sounds cool. Two questions regarding this -- first, do you (I) really have to upload all my mp3s, or would the service (Grooveshark seems the most liked) just scan my puter to see if I have the music? Second, if/when playing my music through this, would I be forced to listen to commercials?
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Testing Grooveshark out now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Added bonus that there's an Android app. That's one thing I was really hoping for from Lala.

And at the end of the day, if Apple HAD made an Android app, they could have been taking home everyone's lunch money for music. Dumb move killing Lala, Apple.
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Check out $5/mo for unlimited streaming and a good library with social features. Very comparable with Lala (I was a huge fan). Mobile apps are in the works too. I'm at
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For uploading and streaming YOUR music check out 2 gigs free and a one time fee for space upgrades. Nice android app. Not sure if there's an iPhone app since I dont own one. Also pulls MP3S from dropbox which is a nice feature.
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Response by poster: is an up-and-comer in this space now, too.
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