A spot to help me Spotify?
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A spot to help me Spotify? New to Spotify, and just don't have time to build my own playlists. I also would like to be turned on to new music, so finding playlists would be really helpful. I have tried to search on Spotify itself but cant find anything except for the 123 top lists. And the streaming by choosing a genre is good but I'm wondering where else to go. (also after listening to spotify all day at work, the genre streaming seems to repeat, much like satellite radio). I googled a few sites for playlists but they are meh - either hard to search, or filter - or just bad, so thought I'd ask the hive. thanks ps. i did read the archives for related, and looked up mentioned sites but still querying you
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SpotiBot might help?
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I don't know if classical's your thing, but I'm enjoying the Spotify Classical blog for playlist discoveries.
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The best place for all things Spotify is The Pansentient League. It's where I found all the cool places to go for playlists and such. If you're on twitter, you could follow this list about all things Spotify, there are usually lots of new playlists there daily.

I also like ShareMyPlaylists, although it does take a bit of poking around to find good stuff. There's also Hot Spotify which has a ton of playlists listed.

The Blend is great for discovering what's new and great on Spotify. They aggregate reviews from a bunch of different sites (BBC Music, NME, Picthfork, Spin, etc.).
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Just an Fyi, the new Spotify app platform should help. Not sure when it will be arriving, but the plan is to bring in just these features of lists and social media elements.
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FYI, a preview release of the new Spotify with app support is available now: http://www.spotify.com/us/download/previews/
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The new Spotify is great, it brings in playlists from Pitchfork and reviews from the Guardian and Rolling Stone (with links to albums) and new releases from We Are Hunted, plus makes it much easier to see your friends playlists. Also has another couple of discovery mechanisms (Moodagent gives you music of a certain mood, you can seed it with a particular track and it's pretty good at building a playlist).

I subscribe to Spotimy.co.uk's playlist, which adds all (I think?) new album releases each week. I also like IAmNotTheEnemy (find him on twitter or ShareMyPlaylists or Spotify) who posts a 50-track mix of new music each month (tends towards indie and electronica, including the folky end of indie; not a lot of chart pop, metal, hiphop).
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Thanks for the update, Mrmuhnrmuh, off to download now. I'm curious to see if this will extend to a better Android app, I've been severely unimpressed with the UI and features. A willing sacrifice for the selection, though.
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