Once you go Mac, you'll never go back.
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I'm looking for a Windows-specific Mac-style keyboard.

I've looked, to no avail, to try to find a keyboard that has the same style of keys that the current generation Mac keyboard has. I use a Mac at home, and used to take my machine in at my former job to work on. However, I'm starting a new gig soon and will be stuck in front of a Windows machine all day. I'll miss my keyboard!

I've done the "Mac keyboard remapped for Windows" thing before, and it just was annoying to have someone else sit down at my machine and have a befuddled look when trying to use a key combo ("What's Command? Where's the Windows key?"). So, I'd prefer to NOT use a true Mac keyboard.

I would like wireless, but I'll take what I can get at this point!
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Have you considered using two keyboards? One you can use and deal with, and one for the other people who might sit down at your computer. Bluetooth would help here, just use the Bluetooth Mac keyboard and leave the wired one there for anyone else.

Don't know how well Windows plays with two keyboards, but I know it works fine on a Mac.

I don't think anyone makes Mac-style keyboards for Windows. People who care that much about the build quality just buy Macs.
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Engadget recently ran a thread about this. The consensus is that there is not a Windows keyboard that quite lives up to the Apple chiclet keyboard. A lot of good alternatives are mentioned, though.
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Microsoft's Arc Keyboard is kind off Mac style (also available in white). Cherry has its Strait model and there must be many more who copy the Mac keyboards.
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My Acer nettop came with a pretty decent chiclet keyboard.

But personally, I don't give a hoot if my coworkers can't use my keyboard/mouse. I just use what's comfortable to me. (Microsoft Natural keyboard heavily sloped downwards w/ the baseball style mouse).
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What's stopping you from writing "Windows" or drawing the Windows logo on the command key with a fine-point permanent marker? As far as I know, that's the only difference between an Apple keyboard and a Windows one. Well, that and "alt = option," but the chiclet keyboard already has both of those labels on that key already.
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He, you are not just going to miss your keyboard ;-)
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I use a somewhat ridiculous keyboard at work. I keep my stock Dell keyboard plugged in like caution live frogs recommended. I get a lot of looks and questions about it, but having the other keyboard plugged in (yet hidden from view) makes it so others can use it when necessary. I don't have any issues with Windows while doing this.

FWIW, My second-favorite keyboard is my Apple keyboard :)
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