Can I swap 30" drop-in ovens?
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Replacing broken drop-in oven with another...plug-n-play or some disassembly required?

In a previous Ask MeFi, I detailed an odd problem I was having with my oven. After some discussion, I decided to pay the $55 to my home warranty company to have a technician come for a service call. Long story short, it's been six weeks, the oven is now completely broken, and my warranty company is offering to send me a new 30" drop-in oven or the equivalent cash value. Unfortunately, Whirlpool no longer makes the previous oven model, so I was offered a different one.

Before I accept an offer, however, I'm concerned with the possibility that additional work might be required, counter-wise. I asked a service tech at Lowe's, and I was told that "all 30" drop-ins are interchangeable." That doesn't seem right, based on the dimensions I'm seeing online. Any advice? (And if I do need work done, what and how much will it cost? Warranty company will pay for oven and install, but I'm pretty sure appliance installer won't do carpentry. :) Would it be better to try to take the cash and find a drop-in that better meets the dimensions?)

Old model: RS675PXG
Dimension guide: link
New model: WDE150LVS
Dimension guide: link
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Can you actually measure, in real life? I've never had much luck with stated appliance measurements being super accurate. Measure the actual opening in your counter (it doesn't really matter what size the stove is, just how much room you have), and then go to your nearest Whirlpool dealer and measure the display model. Then you'll know.
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I would take the cash equivalent, buy from a place like best buy that has free installation.
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I replaced my 38-year old (yes, 38 years!) drop in oven two years ago. The new ovens were 2 inches wider than my old oven and I had the same counter concerns. I was able to find a new oven with the exact measurements as my old oven. It took a little searching - special order - never in stock - but it can be done. Take the money and buy your own. My son installed the new oven with no problems although he did have to "upgrade" some type of electrical box. I hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Totally forgot I posted this...anyway, was never able to find a good replacement drop-in, so got the cash from the warranty company, bought a cheaper standalone oven and hired a carpenter to cut the necessary hole. Thanks to those who replied.
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