OS X software for learning to play the piano
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ComputerMusicFilter: Is there a good piece of OS X software for learning to play the piano? I'd like to buy one of those inexpensive USB keyboards and noodle around in GarageBand, but my actualy musical skills are sorely out of practice, and I don't think they're going to just come back to me, either.
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The best option I can find is KnowPlay. There's a demo available, but it only runs in Classic mode. The full version is native.

You can buy it bundled with a USB keyboard here.
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Just to clarify, the software pmbuko linked to is eMedia's Piano and Keyboard Method; KnowPlay is a retailer of educational software, not the developer. The eMedia software usually gets pretty good reviews, and I plan to try it myself as soon as I have a USB keyboard to play (I'm planning on getting one a bit more robust than the bundled one). It works on both Mac and Windows, by the way.
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How about SimpleChord or Ebony&Ivory?
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