Dressy Running Shoes
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DressyRunningShoeFilter: I run everywhere, all the time. So I wear running shoes. Any suggestions for dressier footwear, that will still allow me to run, and won't give me blisters? This would be useful, for example, to look nice, attend business meetings, or get into "no sneakers" clubs.
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Merrells. The dressier ones are the "Mens" and "Womens" links on that page. The others are all sportier. Every pair of Merrells I've owned has been incredibly comfortable.
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I like Seibels and Campers. Both companies are good for girl and boy shoes. If you do a model-color search on the Camper website, I have these: 27651-005 which I love, and these: 29494-009.
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The Rockport Dressports were quite famous about ten years ago - their CEO ran the Boston Marathon in them, I remember. Comfy, therefore.
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I swear by Rockports (you can order online from the the US site). Dressy enough to wear with business casual but super comfy for walking and standing.
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The both the outdoor and casual lines from ecco shoes would probably meet your needs nicely. I do an awful lot of walking as well and have found them to be both comfortable and sturdy (which is more than I can say for a few pairs of Kenneth Coles that were comfortable, but would wear out within a year).
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I have a pair of Deer Stags that I love with all my heart. I wear them for walking all over, and I can wear them to work without a problem (I work in a business casual environment). I tried to find them online, and didn't seem them, but the pair they have listed as women's dress casual might work. They aren't that expensive - I think I got mine for around $40 at DSW. They're amazing - they really do bend like that picture!
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Second on the Merrell brand. My husband loves his comfy Merrell Mocs and they work perfectly with most everything up to a tuxedo. And even then...
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Thirding Merrells - wearing mine right now. They're great. Makes you wonder why it took so long for the shoe industry to come with something that seems so obvious.
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If you like Nike Air cushioning, and don't have any objections to giving money to Nike (personally, I can't say either one of those things), you may like the Cole-Haan shoes with Air in the soles.
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Second the Cole-Haans. I wore mine uphill both ways all over San Francisco through two pregnancies, and they're still in great shape, as am I. I got them on eBay, and used that fact to suspend my political angst about buying anything Nike-related.
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Wow, thanks everyone. I can't wait to go shopping. I hope I can find most of these in France. Perhaps I should add that I do need these shoes for actual running. Running is my exciting new transportation alternative to the crowded Paris metro. It's kind of a back-to-basics after years of bicycling and rollerblading.
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ECCO from Denmark. Very good.

Also, Roehe from Germany, very dressy with sneaker sensibility and mesh inner sock to keep your foot snug.

Also, Durhams or Dunhams, I still can't figure out if its an R or an N. Anyone??

I run in my Eccos to and from wherever I am going. Lots of people call them euro chic, which I think they ARE!

Thought about a cool pair of trainers? PUMAS for instance? Or, are they still too sneakerish?
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