Music That Builds Anticipation
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Music That Builds Anticipation? Good Anticipation, Not Scary.

I am looking for music, preferable ones without words, that builds anticipation in a positive way. For example, an electronic song whose beat builds slowly over the first two minute. I am particularly interested in music that could inspire people to take action.

Sorry I cannot be more descriptive, I am music illiterate.
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Con Te Partiro fits that description. There are electronic versions of it as well (I think it was in Kingdom Hearts).
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  • Also sprach Zarathustra

  • Whistle Theme

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    Response by poster: Yes! Exactly!

    Any more?
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    The Killers, Why Do I Keep Counting.
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    The soundtrack to Rocky gives me that sense, especially Going the Distance, but also Gonna Fly Now.
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    O Fortuna is one of the obvious ones.
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    Fanfare for the Common Man
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    If I'm thinking "anticipation" the same way you are, lots of John Adams's (who is neither of the presidents) music seems to fit the bill. Try his Common Tones in Simple Time, Harmonielehre, and Harmonium, just to get started. Admittedly, these periods of anticipation build over several minutes rather than seconds, but it really builds.
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    Tears For Fears' "Break It Down Again doesn't build as much as you might like, but could maybe work.
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    Kind of a classic example of this is Ravel's "Bolero". :)
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    The first two minutes of Incubus's "The 4th Movement of The Odyssey" fits the bill, albeit in a pretty intense way.
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    Would also suggest "Short Ride in a Fast Machine" by Adams.
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    Quarto movemiento of Karl Husa's "Music for Prague 1968"... scary at first, but ungodly triumphant at the end. Zombie-killin' music.

    Seconding Fanfare for the Common Man... only good thing Copeland ever did, but holy crap is it awesome.
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    Sigur Ros -- Hoppipolla. I think it fits the bill perfectly. There are words, but they are Icelandic or Hopelandic (gibberish), so keep that in mind!
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    Anthem by Philip Glass

    The end titles for the movie Apollo 13

    Now We Are Free from the movie Gladiator
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    Also, and as much by way of caution as recommendation, Lux Aeterna.

    It's been used quite frequently as the go-to for the"Things are dire --what can save us now?" Witness the plethora of YouTube mixes that pair it with all manner of movies. The link provided pairs it with Lord of the Rings.

    Thought it worth mentioning.
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    Band of Horses - The Funeral
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    "Gathering Storm / 'Welcome To Barco Am/Pm...' / Cancer Towers On Holy Road Hi-Way" from Godspeed You! Black Emperor's "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven."
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    Zadok the Priest
    Mogwai Fear Satan (and any number of other post-rock songs)
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    Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who starts loud and gets louder and builds towards Daltrey's scream.
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    Oops, sorry, I missed the part about no words.
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    explosions in the sky
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    Mussorgski's Pictures At An Exhibition--Promenade

    Smetana--Ma Vlast
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    Composed Phish.

    A good YEM, perhaps.
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    Fahrenheit 451 from the Backdraft soundtrack is what they played on the original Iron Chef during the plating and presentation segment. "Iron Chef Chen Kenichi has prepared four dishes! First, the duck with magic sauce..."
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    The Choral quarter of Beethoven's 9th symphony.
    It's cliché, but I don't care!
    David Bowie's "Helden".
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    Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse." :D
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    Weezer's "Only In Dreams" has a terrific buildup.
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    Maybe Mark Isham - On the Threshold of Liberty? (When I was a kid, I always listened to it and imagined people peering through the fog and waiting for a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, and they see her - the horn rings out! But I was a hopeless romantic.)
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    Atlas by Battles
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