Staying abreast of the ads that are best
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I need to keep on top of the advertising/marketing zeitgeist. Which blogs and online resources should I be reading?

My focus is North American print and social media (more billboards/magazine/Internet, less radio/TV). Suggestions of paid content (i.e. the Creativity Online full access annual subscription) are welcome, but free is king.

I'm interested in trends, strategy, and thoughtful analysis.

Pure design is good, but not critical.

I can live without more "ads suck and here are more ads that suck and this is why these ads suck" blogs in my life.
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Brand New does branding analysis through logo design pretty well, from this layperson's perspective.
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This recently posted question might prove helpful, if you haven't already seen it.
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A few from from my bookmarks:
copyranter, adgoodness, AdWeek's Adfreak,, BestAdsOnTV (has subscriptions, but can access some content for free), advertolog (ad archive - again subscription / some free content), Ads of the World, AdlandTV ("All the news that's not fit to print"), and Coloribus.
Inspirational blogs: Uniquely the Epitome, ihaveanidea, and look at the tumblr directory listing for inspiration for such as fuckyeahmarketing
Also, see if your local industry papers / magazines have an online presence. In Australia they include: Campaign Brief,Adnews and B& T.
and don't discount podcasts for video content / review.
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