Cheap BYOB/F party venue in Seattle
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Looking for a birthday party venue in Seattle that meets the following requirements: lets you bring your own food AND booze, fits about 50-100, allows loudish dance music, and is free. Hahaha. (Cheap, maybe?)

Lordy, lordy, look who's 40! Me, that's who. Almost.

I want to have a blowout in Seattle sometime in June and I'd love your help identifying a venue to investigate.

I really can't spend a million bucks, so will need to provide my own food and booze which takes a lot of places off the table.

I can spend some $ for space rental, but again, I'm covering this myself and can't afford something super spendy.

I'm inviting about 100, so likely about 50-75 might show?

The only place I can think of is the Masonic Lodge in Greenwood, but if you all have any suggestions I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!
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I don't know Seattle, but here you can bring your own food and booze to a reserved picnic area in a county park, and the permit is either free or dirt cheap.
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The Fremont Abbey may fit your bill. It's one of the few places I know that will let you bring your own food in.
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The realtor we used when we bought our house has some commercial space in SoDo that he rents out for $50/hour. I haven't actually seen the space, but the photos look fun, and I've been keeping it in mind for events. It might be too small for you though, but its worth a look.

I think most of the Mason halls will rent out space that you can bring your own food and booze too, so you aren't just limited to the one in Greenwood.
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How about the VFW in Ballard?
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Oh, I used to work in the KR Trigger building (Good Brain's link). It's a neat space.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input all.

I decided on Sodo Pop - it's super cute and the perfect size for this type of thing (seems like it'd hold 100 no problem). It's not cheap, certainly, but I went a little nuts and decided I didn't care.

The Trigger Building space is great, was just too small for my needs. It was the cheapest I found by far, though.

I decided against Seattle Parks properties as the rules and regs were just too stringent.
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Georgetown Ballroom
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