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Toronto brides of MeFi: recommend me fantastic bridal salons where I can buy my wedding dress.

I'm looking for a great place to buy my wedding dress in Toronto/GTA. I'd like to stick to mostly downtown or west of the city (Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville) but I'd go as far as Hamilton (a friend recommended Heirloom's there). I'd really, really like to NOT go to Woodbridge if possible.

I'm looking for a place with a good selection, good service, and the ability to do high-quality, reasonably-priced alterations on site. The most I'd want to spend with alterations is absolute max $2000, but ideally if I could keep it closer to the $1000 mark, even better.

So what are the good places to go to and which ones are the ones to avoid? Find me my dream dress!
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A friend got her wedding dress at Lowan Pope on Queen west of Bathurst. She loved it and said the folks there were super nice.
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link to Lowon Pope
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I got my dress at Becker's. Great staff, especially the seamstresses/tailors. I made a few customizations to my gown, which all turned out really well. And the dresses are made in Toronto, not shipped in from elsewhere, which I thought was cool.
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fashion crimes
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My fiancee got her dress at White, in Yorkville. It's pretty upscale -- there are $10K+ dresses -- but her dress was under $1K ("Jenny Yoo"). Afterwards, they gave her champagne (and, weeks after her order, sent her a thank-you card). There ends my knowledge of bridal salons.
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I got my dress at Sposa Hamilton. They had a lot of lovely dresses in the $1000-2000 range.
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I ended up getting my dress at Vogue Sposa on the Danforth which I heartily recommend (so far!).
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