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Acer X193Wb monitor - question about width and focus.

I just acquired an Acer X193Wb monitor. I bought it used so unfortunately I don't have a manual, and can't seem to find one online. Everything is great except for two things. Everything looks slightly stretched out, so I want to narrow the display a bit but can't seem to do it. I can move it around by using the buttons on the monitor case, but there doesn't seem to be one to narrow the width. Also, it doesn't look perfectly focused. Is there any way to fix this? I am using it as an external monitor with an Acer Aspire One. Thanks!
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try setting your resolution to 1440 x 900. if using windows, right click on an empty area of the desktop and select properties, move the screen resolution slider on the settings tab.
posted by kimyo at 10:37 AM on April 20, 2010

The native resolution of that monitor is definitely 1440x900.
posted by GuyZero at 11:05 AM on April 20, 2010

Thanks, kimyo and GuyZero, that's a definite improvement!
posted by crazylegs at 11:25 AM on April 20, 2010

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