Help me create big circles of content that orbit around each other
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There have been a few questions about mindmapping apps before but I'm looking for something to create mind clouds...I want to create large circles with content orbiting around it, with links to Flickr, YouTube, blog entries etc. The closest thing I have found is but it's a bit wonky and mostly in Japanese. Also I can't see how I would embed it into another site, so ideally I'm looking for some kind of widget that I can embed into a Wordpress blog...or even a Wordpress theme that could create these mind clouds. Any ideas?
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prezi could be just what the doctor ordered.
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Probaby not quite what you're looking for, but the concept sounds similar....

Personal Brain
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Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) was developed at Tufts University and is pretty versatile and powerful. And it's also free, which is a bonus.
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