How do I make karmic Ubuntu and WinMo 6.1 play nice?
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Why won't Ubuntu 9.10 recognize any recent pictures or new folders on my Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone when I plug it in?

Apparently after 100 pictures my phone started a new folder right next to the old one to store any new pictures in. Now, when I plug it into my desktop I can't see any of the new files, nor the new folder. F-Spot doesn't see them, and I can't find them by exploring the mounted device's file system. They're there on the phone (if it weren't for a crap wireless connection at home I'd just email them to myself) but I can't figure out how to move them off of it and onto my computer. I've tried moving them into the old folder on the device, but they still don't show up on the computer.

Am I just doing this wrong (not exactly and Linux power user here), the whole setup? Should I be using something like Synce instead of just mounting the phone as a USB drive?
Is there a way to 'refresh' the way my desktop sees my phone when I plug it in?

Any help or direction in making this unholy technological union run smoother would be much appreciated.
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What's the make and model on the phone? I don't have this same issue with my BlackJack II and Ubuntu Karmic or Jaunty, but I can only see things of my SD card, not things on the phone's base memory (limitations of the BJII).
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Response by poster: It's a Samsung Omnia.
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Are the folders hidden? Do they start with a period?
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Response by poster: No, the new folder doesn't have a period
at the beginning. It's named sequentally similar to
the initial folder, something like SSCAM100 then
SSCAM101. I'm not sure how to edit permissions
on this phone, but I'll try that.

One weird thing is that if I'm 'exploring' my
phone's filesystem while plugging it into the
desktop I can see the file structure change
on the phone, as if the computer is reassigning
the heirarchy to only acknowledge the storage
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Response by poster: Figured it out.

Somewheres along the line (I'll get the exact date from the photo timestamps) the settings on the camera/phone changed to save new photographs to the phone's hard disk—or at least to not copy the photos to the Storage drive. So the SD filestructure looks very, very similar to the hard disk setup, which was confusing. There's a folder there that looks just like the folder on my phone's hard drive. That's what I was seeing when browsing the files on the phone via the computer (which can't access the phone's hard disk).

So I copied the files over to the SD drive and I'm plugging the phone in now to transfer the photos over to my desktop. Nice.
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