Can anyone recommend a reputable auto inspection service?
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Seriously considering purchasing a car online from another state. What is a reputable inspection service that I can hire to ensure I won't be ripped off?

The vehicle I'm interested in is in Texas. I'm in Colorado. I've only been able to find a couple independent inspection companies online and I hate to choose one blindly. Has anyone had experience with one you know is reputable? Any advice as I embark on this process?
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How far along in the process are you? How did you come in contact with the seller?
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Response by poster: Just beginning the process, really. Found the car on autotrader and the seller has their own independent site as well. The company has a Better Business Bureau membership and seems reputable.
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Ah! Ok. I've been on the receiving end of a few scams (mostly Craigslist stuff) and was ready to offer some sage advice but it appears you're ten steps ahead of me. Good luck.
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I would at least check Yelp and see if there are some good reviews of the garage from established reviewers (people with 100+ reviews).
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I'd check the VIN through Carfax.
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Best answer: My husband found this place and it looks like we'll be using them:

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