Fallen Arches in the Golden Years
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Fallen Arches - BEST shoes for older women, even if they're the ugliest thing in the world?

Someone very close to me who is in her 60s has a fallen arch and a ripped tendon, and has to wait a month before they can get an orthotic.

In the interim, I want to get her some awesome socks (I'm a fan of Lorpen) and some really, really comfy laceup or slip on work shoes - it does not matter how ugly or expensive, I love this person and she isn't superficial, but is on her feet all day helping people, and I think that better shoes and socks will not only feel great but help the healing process.

Please suggest great shoes for me to get for her ASAP!

She is in NYC if there are boutiques she can go to to try stuff on, otherwise, I'm just going to order three pairs in different sizes of my top pick and send back two.
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The place to go in NYC is Eneslow shoes. I wouldn't want someone to buy shoes for me though, because it's so hard to find ones that fit perfectly. Especially with foot problems.
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Have you considered Crocs (their therapeutic CrocsRx range in particular)? Many people consider them horrendously ugly (not me, though; I think they look like adorable little duck feet!) but even the standard Cayman Crocs helped me recover from a very painful bout of plantar fasciitis. They really are amazingly comfortable, and I know many people in nursing and hospitality who swear by them.
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Yes, I have to second the idea of Crocs. Some people find them satanically ugly and consider them a crime against the human race. I consider them the shoes that practically saved my life when I was in a great deal of suffering from a neuroma in my foot. There are lots of different styles nowadays, and I do highly, highly recommend them. HOWEVER -- be sure you're getting Crocs, not crocs knock-offs. The Crocs themselves are made of something that is not plastic, and does not make your feet sweat. If you register at their website you'll start receiving emails that contain discount codes & coupons.
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I wear Birkenstocks for my arches.
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Nthing Crocs - my dad wore them after he had surgery on his ankle and couldn't get any regular shoes on that didn't rub. He hates anything but lace-up shoes, but had to admit that they were the perfect thing for his situation. He still wears them to kick around the house even though he doesn't need them anymore.
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I don't know about arches, but Propet make some very comfortable shoes, if a bit ugly. They come in wide widths, if she can't take pressure on her feet.
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I'd get a pair of Superfeet inserts (REI carries them) and put them in a current pair of shoes. Very good arch support!
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I think there's nothing better than a good pair of Dansko Professionals with nice thick socks.
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One more idea -- The Walking Company is a shoe store that stocks lots of comfort brands that tend to be well constructed and offer lots of support. They're usually pretty expensive, but... Looks like they have a store on Madison Ave.
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Seconding Eneslow. They have several locations in NYC and they specialize in comfortable and supportive shoes. They're very helpful.
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I have collapsed arches, and nothing feels as nice as Birkenstocks.
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Yep, Birkenstocks, Haflingers, and Danskos are all just wonderful for that. Also, Birkenstock makes a shoe insert that is only half the length of the shoe (nothing under the toes) so it's easy to slip into whatever shoes you want to wear...makes every shoe much more comfortable.
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DANSKO DANSKO DANSKO! Awesome, supportive clogs favored by all those professions who are on their feet all day. The soles don't bend, so they don't break down and fall apart like other shoes.
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I use a removable pair of Dr. Scholl's special inserts for arches in all of my shoes now. I forget the specific name, but you can't miss them -- they display removable inserts for medium and firm arch support, and they are in most drugstores for about $13. Until she gets her orthotics, this will be a way to take the pressure off in her ordinary shoes.
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These Powerstep insoles have done amazing things for my feet. They were recommended by my doctor before we went to custom orthotics and the price that entails. I have had plantar fasciitis for years, but wearing these things for a few months completely healed it. To the point that, during the healing process, I could walk for 7 miles around Disney World a day for a week with no pain.
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I should also note that my podiatrist offers 2 or 3 brands of orthotics, and one is made by Birkenstock.
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I'm currently breaking in my very first pair of Danskos. They're not super-stylish, but I'm totally digging them for comfort.

One thing I discovered during the course of hardcore shopping research is that the original Dansko design has changed, so if her feet run narrow, she might prefer Sanitas, which are the old Dansko design under a new name. My own wide-ish feet are happier in the new Danskos, which are also available in wide sizes.
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If she does go for Danksos-- go with the "stapled clog" style. I know a bunch of folks who have heard Danskos are great, get a cute, non-clog pair, and don't find them as comfortable as advertised.
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