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How do I get Outlook 2007 to stop deleting my emails from the server when receiving, thus making them unavailable in webmail?

This is driving me frigging bananas. I connect to an exchange server at work, and my blackberry connects to the server's webmail. Outlook 2007 keeps deleting emails from the server every time it receives them, keeping only a local copy, which means in order to get any email on my blackberry, I have to make sure outlook is closed on my desktop. Other people in the company get their mail just fine, but I can't find whatever setting is different for me that makes the files get purged. Help?
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tools>account settings>(highlight which e-mail account you want to change if you have more than one) change>more settings>advanced>(check "leave a copy of messages on server")>ok

You're done!
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Tools > Account settings > [select account to modify] > Change... > More settings > Advanced > check the box "Leave copy on the server".
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It should work that way by default for exchange, maybe it's a server setting.
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Yep, tried that, but said box does not exist. All I have is:

"Open these additional Mailboxes:"

"Cached Exchange Mode Settings"

"Mailbox Mode"

I compared all of my mailbox settings against those of my coworker who has no webmail problems, and they were exactly the same.
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What kind of server is it? How are you connected? If you're on POP, change to IMAP or Exchange if you're on an Exchange server.
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dogmom: I shouldn't have taken the time to type all those spaces in...
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It's an exchange server, connected as exchange.
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Does this help?
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Sadly, no, but thanks, aqsakal.
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I'm going to keep looking as I can't find the setting right now, but there's a place that marks where you're delivering your mail to: your exchange mailbox or to a file on your PC. At least in Outlook 2003 there is.

I think best bet is to create a new Outlook profile and see if it still does it. If I can find the setting I'll be back.
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Yeah, I'm finding all kinds of info about that setting in Outlook 2003, but not in 2007. :(
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When you go to Tools > Account Settings > Data Files, which file is set as Default? Make sure it's your .ost file.

Otherwise, create a new profile.
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Ah-ha, yes it was set to my pst, reather than my ost.....but when I change to the ost, now I can't connect to the exchange server. :(
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Up, never mind! It was just a hiccup in the network. Everything's connected fine now. AWESOME.

Thanks everyone for the help!
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