I'm looking for BlackBerry software, specifically something that will be more like Outlook.
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I've been searching for a while now and it seems to me that BlackBerry is very limited when it comes to programs. I also have a distaste for how it differs from Outlook. I'm starting to wish I had purchased something more compatible with Windows software. From my understanding, there is a void of any BlackBerry opensource software? I'm a student so don't have the cash to buy overpriced programs. If anyone knows of anything that might work with BlackBerry, I would appreciate suggestions. I'm on the 7250.
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What do you mean how it differs from Outlook? If you have Blackberry Ent. Server, it interacts directly with Exchange. Also, the BB can run most Java midlets developed for other phones and devices. There is no shortage of software for the BB.

Specifically, what type of software are you looking for?
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What are you looking to do? I had a similar problem with my Blackberry until I found the Calender -> View as Agenda option. It puts all of your appointments and tasks with due dates into a format much easier to read.
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Here's a bunch of free BB utilities.
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There's hardly any open-source Blackberry software, but there are a lot of open-source or at least freeware Java midlets. Those won't be the apps that interact with Blackberry-specific functionality like email, though.

Here's a list of the top Blackberry software according to that guy, whose opinion I tend to share.

I don't usually put "open-source" and "compatible with Windows" software in the same thought, though, so chalk me up as another one puzzled as to what you're after.
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