De La Soul music video with a sunflower in it?
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What De La Soul music video involves a person wearing a sunflower costume?

I apparently know someone who was an extra in this early 90s or late 80s video, so I'd like to find it. I haven't been able to find a song of theirs that has much to do with a sunflower, so I guess the only way to find it would be to watch all of their music videos. Unless, of course, some kind web surfer happens to know the answer...?
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My guess is it's something from the album De La Soul is Dead because the cover had some sunflowers on it. Hope this helps.
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De la Soul is all about the Daisies! A bunch of their songs reference DAISY (an acronym for da inner sound y'all), but I can't find many of their videos online.
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"Me Myself and I" was the big single from their first album, so probably that.
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"Potholes in My Lawn"
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Well, it's not "Me Myself and I." Don't think it's "Buddy," either - anybody see a Daisy dancing in there?

Sorry, I have to go to bed. It's not too hard to keep looking - good luck!
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Hrmm. I dunno, while hip hop from this era is in my wheelhouse (used to do an underground hip hop show back in those years), music videos aren't -- at best, I have an average familiarity with music videos (from any artist), since I was never much of a video watcher.

Chances are it's going to have to be in the 3 Feet High and Rising era, because the whole point of De La Soul Is Dead was "the daisy age is over." They were essentially shedding themselves of the "flower power" image, so the dead flower you see on the cover of Is Dead is likely the only reference to any flower you're going to see anywhere, from that album onward.

I couldn't really find the video you're referring to . . . sorry. (It might just not be online?)
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Maybe 'Oooh,' with the Wizard of Oz/The Wiz parody/homage video? That was 2000, though.

I'm at work, so, as much as I'd like to, I probably shouldn't watch De La videos all day.
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