Website for sharing a place to stay with travellers?
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I once saw a website for folks willing to share a place to stay for travellers. Hosts would describe the accommodations and conditions, photos were posted. As I recall it was started by college students but people of all ages now are members. There may be a fee involved. Google fails me. TIA to pointers.
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was it Servas?
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Sounds like it could be Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree, too.
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There are also GobalFreeloaders and the Hospitality Club [and HC has a group on Orkut if you use Orkut]. I don't know much about DigiHitch but they seem to be a semi-wired nomadic group doing a similar thing geared towards hitchhikers. Dmoz has a whole section on these hospitality clubs which is your Googling term for hte future.
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Couchsurfing is the site I wanted. Thanks Monju! I'll explore the others. Thanks all.
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Hospitality Club has become one of the best - and definitely the biggest- of these. It was started by a German hitchhiker who's since been around the world.
As Veit says on his site, "I believe in one idea - bringing people together from different cultures and social classes can build intercultural understanding and reduce prejudices and intolerance. I travel the world to fascinate one million people with this idea and build a world wide web of friendly people.

Several years ago, a Dutch hitchhiker named Ramon thumbed around the world, surfing couches through invitation at

Hotels are for couch potatoes...
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