Is there an inn with all-glass ceilings (for stargazing)?
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Is there an inn or bed-and-breakfast somewhere in the Southwestern USA with the distinguishing feature that (some of) its rooms' ceilings are largely or entirely glass (or, at least, contain enormous skylights)?

The existence of such an inn is something I seem to have picked up in some magazine somewhere in the 90s, but so far I've been completely unable to locate anything even resembling this place on the internet.

If I didn't just misremember something the inn would be for people who wanted to look at the night sky from the comfort of the indoors. It may only have a subset of its rooms setup for that. It'd be intended as a great place for stargazing, probably out in the boonies somewhere in NM, NV, or AZ.

I had the impression it was famous or widely-known but I'd be thrilled to know if it existed at all.
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You might try the first few links here and see if ones rings a bell. There are many B&Bs throughout the southwest with this sort of thing, but I don't know of any with ceilings designed for stargazing. Good luck!
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Best answer: "The observatory rooms are just regular rooms (with black walls) in this expanded ranch house. When the lights go out, the ceilings slide open and you see the Arizona night sky." This was the second hit on a Google search for "stargazing inn." Not clear whether the ceilings open up completely or have sheets of glass.
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I think I know what you are talking about but can't find it. It was a hotel in the desert on an indian reservation (or near one) that had large windows for watching the sunset and the top floor had open ceilings for stargazing. All of the rooms faced one direction. It was also out in the desert do they claimed to be very environmentally friendly etc. Its driving me nuts but I will find it...
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Best answer: Busmick, are you thinking of The View in Monument Valley?
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Best answer: amf, thats exactly what i was thinking of, thank you!. They say that the top floor has "Star View" rooms but it might just mean the balconies are better for seeing the stars. I dont see anything about glass ceilings. Sorry.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. On closer inspection the Astronomer's Inn doesn't have any open ceilings in the rooms; the "observatory rooms" are actually part of separate observatory building on the property.

amf, Busmick: that's definitively not the thing I think existed -- it's too new to be it -- but looks like an amazing substitute.
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This search brings up some results for skylights. A lot of them seem to be in CA.
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