Hotels and hostels in Vienna, Austria
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I'll be spending a few days sightseeing in Vienna this June, and I'd appreciate your hotel and hostel recommendations. I'd like a moderately-priced single room with free wi-fi; I'm fluent in German but am unfamiliar with the city. Dankeschön!
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Response by poster: I'll also be spending a night in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, if anyone has any recommendations for a place to stay there. Thanks!
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Best answer: We stayed here. I thought was moderately priced and very central, also with free wifi. Decent breakfast in the morning as well.
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Best answer: Mr hgg recommends the Hotel Post--great price, great location and nice staff. You said hostels are OK, so I'm assuming you'd be fine with the shared bathroom setup.
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Best answer: We stayed in the stylish Dann In'N Out and really liked it. The staff are really friendly, the breakfast is simple but good. It's not right in the centre but it's an easy walk to most attractions, and the price is very good for Vienna.
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Best answer: Re: my previous comment about the Hotel Post-- it looks like you can get a private bathroom for a higher price. Also, I forgot to mention that there is indeed free wifi.
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Best answer: You can search for hotels all over Austria.
Hostels: I've heard good things about wombat's "Base" hostel:
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Best answer: I stayed at the Altwienerhof. Historical hotel, a couple of minutes from the nearest subway station in a quiet neighborhood. Very pretty courtyard that I didn't get to enjoy properly because I stayed in early November and caught the first snows of the year.
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Best answer: Recommend you try to find a place within "the ring" (i.e. the Innere Stadt enclosed by Ringstraße). I've been to Vienna twice, once at Hotel Royal and once at Hotel Astoria. Hotel Royal has more stars, but I actually liked Hotel Astoria quite a lot (it's in the middle range, price-wise). Vienna is, generally, a pretty expensive place to visit. But expensive places tend not to bother with charging for WiFi.
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Best answer: Oh wow -- possibly my single favorite hostel anywhere (after years of budget travel) is in Vienna. Hostel Ruthensteiner.
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Best answer: We stayed at the Austria Trend Hotel Anatol Wien in November. The room was OK; the location was excellent. Close to several transit stops, a main shopping drag and several good restaurants. The block itself was quiet which made sleeping easy.
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Response by poster: Thanks to EVERYONE for your wonderful and helpful suggestions!! I appreciate your vouching for all of these great options. (Seriously, if only I could stay at each place for at least a night, right?!) I will finish scheduling my trip and book my flight next week. As soon as that's set, I'll be booking my accommodations.
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