Word Processor That Acts Like Excel?
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Is there a word processor out there that acts a little bit like Excel? I'd love to have one document, but with separate "sub-documents", tabs, "worksheets". (The way an Excel spreadsheet can have multiple worksheets, accessed with a single click, and that can be added or deleted.) I'm using Windows Vista. Thank you.
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There are 'tabbed word processors' such as PolyEdit.
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Notepad++ is great, especially if you ever edit "techie" text files.
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You might want to take a look at OneNote.
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Best answer: You might want to check out PageFour. PageFour has projects---they're basically worksheets---and tabs. I don't use it all the time, but it's come in handy in the past.
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Best answer: I love OneNote (get the 2010 Beta)
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You want an outliner.

Keynote NF, specifically, has both tabs and nodes. (a tab is a file, a node is an area within that file).

MS Word also has outliner features.

Self pimpage: Comparison of Outliners.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the great suggestions!

I have OneNote, silly me, but haven't explored it. PageFour is looking like it's what I would like to play with. I am looking for something for my fiction writing. (I tend to have a document, with another associated document "worksheet" that goes with the main piece, where bits that have been edited out, ideas, notes, etc. go, and was looking for a way to organise this without having three or four Word documents that were all part of the same piece of fiction. If that made any sense.

I will be happily checking out all the other offerings as well. I appreciate all your responses.
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Best answer: If it's for fiction writing, you may want to look at Scrivener and Mariner Write as well.
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carnival of animals: neither of those work in Windows Vista.
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Oops, sorry!
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Anyone using emacs but somehow not yet using org-mode for this sort of thing, check out org-mode.
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Microsoft Word? With its Master document feature.
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Best answer: I saw your question earlier and I was very intrigued by it, as it never occurred to me before that tabs would make the organizing of my notes MUCH easier, as opposed to storing multiple drafts of the same document into one folder

So I did a little investigating, and Wikipedia was very helpful in giving me a list of text e
I briefly skimmed through most of them and found that NoteTab Light works the best for what I want. But you should take a look at all of them here: Windows text editors. Hope you found it useful as I did!
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