How to get an internship at the last minute
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What reputable NGOs offer internships or volunteer positions for summer this late in the year? I am an undergrad in need of an internship abroad (preferably in an Arabic-speaking country) for summer 2010. Really, I'm open to any type of foreign adventure, as long as it involves international travel, has an end product (paper, article, professional experience, etc), and is not insanely dangerous (no traveling to war zones alone, though traveling to war zones with government or NGO support is totally cool). Why did I not apply earlier, you ask?

I did, and I got an internship with an aid organization working in the West Bank. However, they canceled the program due to security issues, and I've already given the thumbs down to the other internships to which I applied. I now have to find a summer program that takes people late, or find some other adventure that would look good on job applications or be professionally valuable in some other way.

For background, I'm a junior political science/economics double major at UNC Chapel Hill. I want to work for an NGO after graduation, but I definitely want to try it on for size before committing.
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Foreign Policy Association's Global Jobs board is still posting summer internships (along with a lot of other things - you may have to dig around bit). I'm not even jobhunting but I stay on their mailing list just because it fascinates me.
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Did you try contacting the programs you turned down and asking if they still have any open spots? (And BOOOOO Duke!)
Also try contacting either the study abroad department or the career services department (they list internships too) and asking for suggestions.
Even better, talk to someone at the Center for Global Initiatives and see if they have anything up their sleeve. (I have a friend that works there if you want to MeMail me).
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You personally gave the thumbs down to the other internships you applied for?

Then by all means contact program managers. You should make personal outreach wherever possible. Half the battle right now is going to be finding an ear so going through an internship broker should be an absolute last resort. I have a friend at a Muslim media foundation in DC who could potentially be of help and another who ran (runs? I will look) a Palestinian television station if you would like me to contact them on your behalf. Perhaps your best bet now could be to wait on the internship and find an intensive Arabic program here and try to do an internship in the fall or winter when you are more likely to have your pick.
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My favorite place to look on the web for this sort of thing is - tons of opportunities of all sorts around the world. take a look!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the great answers so far. One thing I missed in the background: I am working on an honors thesis, so interning abroad in the fall or spring of next academic year is not really feasible.
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Why should working on an honors thesis stop you from going abroad? It should only stop you if you KNOW you won't be able to write a thesis and do an internship at the same time. Think about that.
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Can the organization that canceled your program offer any help with getting a replacement experience?
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