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Who are the best movers in Chicago? There's a slight difference in my question because money is no object, I want a company that will handle a few pieces of delicate furniture as if it were made of gold. The destination is about 35 minutes away from the city.
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Golan made us happy.
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I'd call a local business that restores high-end antique furniture. They probably have a list of reputable (and expensive) movers that do this sort of thing.
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I really was incredibly impressed with Movetastic. They were fast and careful, but I don't have much in the way of very delicate furniture (the more fragile stuff I have was handled admirably), so...
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I've moved with Golan three times and never had a single item broken. I wasn't moving anything particularly valuable but I was always very happen.
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Seconded on the antique shop advice. In a city as large as Chicago, there are bound to be companies that specialize in exactly this.

I recently used a piano mover to haul some furniture (and a piano), and had fantastic luck with them. I guess that Piano movers are accustomed to handling their cargo with slightly more delicacy than the average Joe Mover.
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My boyfriend swears by Meyers Movers. He's used them a few times and has been very happy with them.
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I used Midway for a few moves - they were good and broke nothing. You might call them and tell them it is a special move with valuables. Of course, buy insurance.
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I'll be using Move-tastic in a week or so. Can't really speak to their moving ability, but they've been great to work with on the phone. I've talked to maybe 4-5 different people via phone and email, and they've been unfailingly polite, prompt, and helpful. Hopefully the movers are cut from the same cloth. I'll try and remember to come back and post my results.
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Starving Artist Moviers has been great all four times we've used them.
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