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There have been general moving advice questions, and location-specific moving advice questions, and I've got one of the latter: anyone have recommendations for good, trustworthy movers in Chicago?
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I've mentioned it in other threads, but I'd recommend hitting the Moving Scam website, as they have a great forum where people discuss positive and negative experiences they've had with movers.
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I used Golan's (the big green trucks) and I was very happy. I'll use them the next time I move.
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I've used 2 Men and a Truck before, and they've always been great.
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Response by poster: This question is going to be off the front page soon, but: this is for an interstate move, to the west coast.
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I used USA Moving and Storage in Skokie last year for an intown move. They were awesome, very quick and careful with my stuff. I recommended them to a friend, who used them to move a piano from her downtown apartment to downstate Illinois with no problems. They also do interestate moves.

Also, I second the recommendation to investigate several Web sites to find out about interstate moving scams, no matter who you use. It's an industry that's rife with fraud.
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