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Please recommend movers in Chicago.

It is for a short intracity move, and on short notice.
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Always had good experiences with Fast Trakk General Labor. Chet, who runs it, is a no nonsense guy who keeps his word.
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I had really good luck with the Professionals. I contacted them at the last minute, filled out a form online that listed all of my stuff, and they emailed me an estimate within a day. The movers were great, and it actually ended up being less than their estimate. I have nothing but good things to say about them.
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I've had a few good experiences with EZ Movers (the ones with the pink trucks). I've never had problems scheduling moves, they're always early and super fast.
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I've had Starving Artist Movers move me twice, and they did a great job.
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Golan's Moving and Storage has always done well for us. Cost about $800 for a two-bedroom last time.
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Seconding Golan's. I've used them three times and have been happy each time.
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Seconding the Starving Artists. I've moved with them personally twice, and my friends have used them another three or four times. Never a problem.

Keep in mind that the Starving Artists are best for the people who are right on the edge of doing their own move, but don't feel like dealing with the truck or the furniture. If you want a bunch of gruff professionals you'll probably be disappointed, but if you want to move your one bedroom apartment for like $250 including tip you'll be as satisfied as I've been. They're happy to let you join them hauling things to and from the truck, and this definitely cuts back the number of hours you'll need them for.
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Thirding Starving Artists. They were friendly and fun and got the job done.
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thirding golans. excellent service!
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n-thing Golan's. They were great for me and I have never heard of them screwing anyone over, which is more than I can say for most of the movers around here.
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This is obviously late, but for future referencers, Starving Artists was excellent. They came with a big delivery van (think bread truck size), and two youngish dudes. They were super nice and super quick. For 4.5 hours, I paid $425.
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I'm just posting this for any members that search and find this in the future (as I did).

I went with Starving Artists because it seemed like the good thing to do.

They were 2 and 1/2 hours late (without giving us or their phones guy any notification) and arrived with a truck and three flannel blankets. Because there was so little padding a fair amount of our furniture was scuffed up in the process.

I wish I had gone with another, more professional company. They were relatively cheap (I paid $440), but I feel like for the same money a better mover would have gotten the job done better and more quickly.

It sounds like my experience was atypical, though, so ymmv.
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