Help Us Brainstorm A Job Title
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Help me brainstorm a new job title.

I work at a PR firm on the small but growing digital team. Our awesome boss is very open to suggestions about our titling structure, which is currently being established. For the account teams, the current structure goes like this:

Assistant Account Executive > Account Executive > Senior Account Executive > Account Supervisor > Director > VP

The current title that I hold (with one other person) is Digital Producer. The problem is that this doesn't make us sound smart enough. Digital Strategist is more of the industry standard, but our boss believes that that doesn't communicate that we get stuff done (and instead just come up with ideas about how to get stuff done). We've got a new hire coming in a level or two above me, and the title there is "Executive Digital Producer" - we need a better solution now before we sound like a movie studio.

Ideally we'll be able to track our digital titling structure to the account team titling structure. Also, we're a pretty savvy, no bullshit bunch (or at least we like to think so), so we're trying to avoid a corny name.

Can you help us come up with a word (probably digital something, but open to other suggestions there too) that shows that we're both smart and get shit done?

Many thanks in advance.
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Digital Production Director

Digital Production Executive

Media Executive (Digital)

Wait, I just realized I have no idea what you actually do, other than 'get stuff done'. I'm assuming you make digital video and pictures for advertising purposes.

Also, how does your position fit into the hierarchy? Where's a producer on the assistant > VP list?
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You don't like Worker Bee?
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Response by poster: Couple clarifications: we basically develop and execute digital PR strategies. Lots of social media work, online advertising campaigns, coverage metrics, and just awareness of how we can use new technologies to promote our clients. but because the team has been so small, we all work as generalists.

Tracking wise, Digital Producer probably corresponds to Account Executive, but in terms of rank we're considered about equal to Account Supervisors. This part is pretty hazy.
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Digital Production Associate? Digital Production Supervisor? Director, Digital Production?
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Director of Digital Strategy or Assistant Director of Digital Strategy (perhaps add "and Implementation to those?)
Senior Digital Strategist
Digital Strategy Officer (and the highest ranking person on your team could be the Chief Digital Strategy Officer)
Manager of Digital Strategy & Development/ Manager of Digital Strategy & Implementation
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Go simpler -- "Producer."
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What about just adding Digital Media to your existing roles? (i.e. Digital Media Account Executive, or Digital Media Account Supervisor.)
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Executive producer, digital strategy
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Digital Solutionist
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I don't think I could keep a straight face if I saw any of these on a card. If I found that the lowest person in your hierarchy had the word 'Executive' in their title I'd fall over laughing. 'Assistant Executive'? Are you executive or not? What's your receptionist called? 'Senior External Telecommunications Executive'?

You should be overjoyed your current title is the least dumb. Nothing in your hierarchy says 'smart' or 'achiever'. It says 'we spend our time navel gazing about important-sounding titles'. It's like American Psycho. The fact you can't even place yourself in the hierarchy should scream 'fail'. Start over.

I have a feeling you won't settle for something that sounds like each and every one of you is a VIP, so I suggest 'Director' is the least wanky management title buzzword that sounds like you actually do something useful.

For example, you could be the Assistant Director / Director / Senior Director / Executive Director / Senior Executive Director / VP, Accounts (or Digital, or Customer Relations, or whatever).
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