Freedom of Speech. Yeah, just watch what you say.
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I have been asked to write for a website that deals primarily with first amendment issues. Help me add sites to my RSS feed and find mailing lists that will give me things to write about!

I don't know that there's much more to this question. I am looking specifically for American censorship and 1st amendment issues, and I don't so much have an eye toward the international, unless it somehow relates to or affects American free speech issues. Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks, mefites
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There are a LOT of good legal blogs out there. I find Eugene Volokh's writing on unusual First Amendment to be interesting and forceful, and he's but the tiniest tip of the iceberg. This list will show you the generalist legal blogs that get a lot of traffic and will occasionally cover First Amendment issues.

The most substantial and complex (though, sometimes not novel at all, despite the contentions back and forth) First Amendment issues tend to occur with regard to internet content, campaign finance, public universities, and anything involving sex. If you're doing heavyweight writing for this site, you need to start reading law review articles. Harvard Law Review is the obvious place to start, but topical journals and particular topical volumes of other journals often have both worthwhile reading and a convenient juxtaposition of different takes on a particular issue where the First Amendment is implicated.
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Also, pedantic legal filter time: be sure to read cases you plan to write about thoroughly (more than once), and carefully read at least the precedential cases on which the opinions rely for key arguments. This includes dissents and concurrences. There's much to be said for understanding the nuances of a particular set of facts or legal argument, chiefly because most of the talking/blathering heads don't bother. New information / unique explanations = page views, right?
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ACLU's free speech news feed might be up your alley.
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Howard Bashman's "How Appealing" blog is pretty good coverage of appellate litigation nationwide, both state and federal. You could probably setup a pipe to grab only First Amendment free speech cases.
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SCOTUSblog deals with cases involving the Supreme Court (what's being heard, what's been ruled, what could be in the pipeline).
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I'd keep Google News alerts going with the names of prominent Constitutional lawyers.

From a lefty civil libertarian point of view, Georgetown University's David Cole comes to mind. Nancy Chang, who wrote "Silencing Political Dissent" is another.
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Follow Christopher Soghoian
on twitter and scan through the people he follows for some more ideas.
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First Amendment Center
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