How to Shorten a Dress in Denver
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Recommendations for a tailor/seamstress/alterations expert in Denver for a formal gown?

A few years ago, I bought this dress off a clearance rack in Macy's -- it was too long, but I wore heels and it helped that most of the evening was seated (dinner).

I recently tried it on again because I have a formal event coming up in May, and discovered that I've ripped out the (small) hem on the front of the dress -- so even if I decided to wear outrageously high heels to compensate for the length (which I am choosing not to), it looks tacky with the ripped hem.

I've asked around, but my friends don't really have experience with having something tailored, especially not a formal dress. A workmate recommended this place, but she said it's also pretty pricey.

My main concerns are that the fabric is pretty thin and there's a layering skirt beneath that would also need to be taken up (not to mention the train) -- so lots of fabric to hem. (Note: I'm not sure if this is something to be concerned about, as my formal gown alterations are limited to a half-size-too-big bridesmaid dress three years ago where I used the in-house seamstress and it was not a good experience.)

While cost is a factor, I'd be willing to pay a little more knowing it would be done well and in a timely manner (mostly so I don't have to go through the nightmare search of finding a new dress).

Ideally looking for something in or around Capitol Hill, but anywhere in the Metro area would be ok, too.
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I had a similar need and went to a bridal shop in Lakewood. I can't tell you how much I wish I had gone to a tailor instead. The bridal shop staff were snippy that I didn't get the gown there and the alterations took forever and damaged the dress.

My vote is for the Cherry Creek place.
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If you really love the dress I'd go with the Cherry Creek place. The expense is worth it for a dress that you love and will wear for years.

You can try to find a really upscale dry cleaner and ask them who they use for their alterations. If they are upscale they should be used to working with delicate fabrics and formal gowns. You could also call Macy's and see if their formal department recommends anyone.

Do they have Cotillion or Debutantes in Dallas? Somebody who does sewing for those kinds of events would probably know what to do with your dress. Maybe that is another option other than the prom/bridal shops.
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Ha, Sheppagus -- I wonder if we our disastrous experiences were at the same place (mine, too, was a Lakewood bridal shop).

Thanks, guys -- I was holding out hope that there was some secret super special place, but I'll suck it up and pay the expense to keep from having to go dress shopping again.

(If we do have Cotillion here, I'm not aware of it -- it's definitely not a big thing in a city where blue jeans are accepted just about everywhere.)
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