Help me find relief!
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Does anyone know where I can find Nick Relief, a product which helps stanch shaving cuts, in Manhattan?

I'm looking for this great product but can't find it in Manhattan. Brooklyn acceptable too.
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I get styptic pens in a drug store. Almost every drug store I have ever been in. Is there something specific about that brand? I cut myself too often and would love a product that seals without the sting.
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I gather that's just an alum block? Any drugstore will sell a generic version. I've seen that specific product at a number of barbershops; any place that does shaves or uses a straight razor for outlining probably has a bunch of unopened tubes kicking around.
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Have you considered a regular styptic pencil? try here.
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Well, you could just buy a styptic pencil from any duane reade, walgreens, or equivalent, and then crush it into a powder? They are just alum sulfate powder (which is what that is), compressed and bound into a stick.
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Pasteur Pharmacy at 806 Lexington Ave or 53 E 34th St has a good rep for wet shaving supplies among the aficionados.
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