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Is there an online map tool for identifying a central location?

Specifically, I have agencies in three different cities spanning two states and we're trying to identify a city in the middle of all three. In that central location, we need to have a public building that we can rent/schedule use for a meeting (so it can't be a town so small that it lacks this option).

Is there an easy mapping tool to help me figure this out?
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If there isn't such a tool, I think it wouldn't be too hard to just look at a map.
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Best answer: Previously asked question on finding the point equidistant from three locations, with one suggested calculation tool. I suppose you could look at the resulting point, find the nearest city of sufficient size, and Google for hotels or conference centers... but then again, all that might not be much less work than just eyeballing it on a map.
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Response by poster: Yes... you're right. And no doubt I will just "look at a map". I asked simply because the project manager was making a big deal out of exact mileage.
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Response by poster: Thanks, letourneau! My previous question searches failed to turn up that post; the calculation tool looks like just what I need.
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Run a MezzoMan (www.mezzoman.com) search between City A and City B, then one between City B and City C, then one between City A and City C. It's the electronic equivalent of sticking pins in a map, but it may very well satisfy the (*cough* incredibly anal *cough*) project manager. ;-)
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