How to deal with severe post acne mark?
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I have a really big red mark leftover from acne, and it won't go away. What's the best way to treat it?

I popped a pretty big zit on my right temple, which left a very large red mark (about a 1/2" diameter red circle). I left it alone for the last 3 weeks, and it hasn't really improved.

Recently, I put some 2% salicylic acid solution on it, which made it scab over and peel off. It looks pretty much the same afterwards. I'm not sure if this is helping it or making it worse. Any advice as to the best way to proceed?
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Did you put neosporin on it while it was healing?
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Response by poster: I did. However, at this point, I think it's mostly "healed" (i.e. not bleeding or going to get infected), and I don't think neosporin will help.
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Best answer: I would suggest using a dab of calamine lotion on the big red spot in the morning and at night, it should take the redness away quickly, as well as the side benefit of making your side less oily!
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Vitamin E oil for helping with scars. I find it helps, I don't know what studies say. You may also want to look at Merderma (I think?) which is touted to heal scars.
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I often get brown spots after acne has healed, and I use a glycolic acid peel. However, you might just want to go to a professional for a peel. I think you should also put sunscreen on it before going outside.
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It will likely fade with time, but I'd definitely wear a very good sunscreen while this is happening (high ppd/high spf). This will help SIGNIFICANTLY, in my experience, with pigmentation issues. Also, an AHA treatment might help speed up the process. You could also look into using a retinoid.
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I would listen to Kellyblah. I have also used 100% cocoa butter, and drink a lot of water. Keep your skin moisturized and put lotion on it regularly. Stuff like salicylic acid is for when you have the pimple or want to remove deadskin. the spot is healing now, so you need to put the moisture back in. Cut down on red meat for the time being and eat lean protein. That helps a great deal whenever I have any kind of scars, from cuts, pimples, etc.

For the future, if you're over 25, don't pop the pimple. Instead, put a dab of tooth paste on the spot for a sec or leave it alone and increase your water intake and decrease your fat intake. The scars you get in general tends to last longer as you get older.
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You could try using a product with hydroquinone in it. I've been using this by Murad to try to lighten some hyper-pigmentation I have going on, and it helps with acne scarring too.
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Scars like that can take up to a year to fully disappear. My dermatologist recommended Mederma (it's sold over the counter), but you have to be exceptionally disciplined to use it as indicated. I assume that your acne is otherwise under control; if not, it's a bad idea to put any product on your face before consulting your dermatologist.
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You want Philosophy's On a Clear Day Retinol Clarifying Lotion. I love this stuff -- I get red marks that last forever, and they vanish in a few days with this.

If you want something cheaper, you can also get a smaller tube as part of Philosophy's Completely Clear Skin System. Maybe trying another retinol product from the drugstore would work?
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Response by poster: Calamine lotion worked really well. It took a lot of the red out within hours. I'll have to try some of these other suggestions for more long term things.
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This isn't a long-term solution, but if you want it to go away for a few hours at least, put some Visine (the eye drops) on it. It makes the blood vessels shrink (in eyes, but also skin).
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